Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Celebrate your little victories!

Fresh start today, today we look at the world with a new perspective! In the crazy world we live in it becomes easy to get overwhelmed by all the objectives you have yet to meet, leaving us uninspired and lost. Here's a better idea, starting today we celebrate the little victories of the everyday as it is those little victories that push us forward towards reaching the mountaintops. Every success driving us closer to achieving  bigger goals. Allowing yourself to be overwhelmed by all that is not done, not accomplished, only stagnates progress leading to further frustration and often finding you are stuck...frozen...Start today, pick a few little things, get started and celebrate the little victories as you go, I promise you will find inspiration in progress. The harder you work the more sense of pride you will earn as you strive to be the best you!

How many little victories will you celebrate today?
Made a clean food swap? Tried a new healthy recipe?
Walking through the kitchen without popping an unplanned snack in your mouth?
Powering through an extra 2 minutes of cardio?
Added 5 lbs to your squat at the gym?
Completing all your scheduled workouts for the week? Sneaking in an extra workout this week?
Remembering to take all your vitamins and staying properly hydrated?

All these may seem like small, just plain daily routine decisions but little victories in seemingly little decisions all add up to moving forward, accomplishing greater goals. Celebrating (with a enthusiatic woo-hoo or a jump for joy   :) ...not a batch of cookies! ) little victories can give you just the little boost you need to push yourself and believe you can accomplish a little more, feeding your inspiration, motivation and sense of pride. Believe you can reach those mountaintops and accomplish those goals you have set for yourself!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"Pro-Active" Nutrition

Ok, so the blog has been quiet...but I have been busy.... Check out my latest article on "Pro-Active" Nutrition! Page 49 of the May issue of FitnessX!