Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sculpting Shoulders

A lot of opinions about how to train...movements, muscles, function, fat loss...Bottom line, consider your goals. I, personally enjoy "training like a bodybuilder," sculpting a inspiring physique while still considering a lifestyle that encourages fat loss so as to chisel off the layer that insulates.
My current mission is focused on shoulders, spending 2-3 days a week with workouts including the delts as either the primary or secondary focus.

My current shoulder workouts include:
Upright rows
Alternating lateral raise
Dumbbell Overhead press (or Arnold press)
Bent over lateral raise (single arm, I find it easier to put more mind-to-muscle that way)
Front raise with plate
Also may throw in an incline and leaning lateral raise and some rotations

I mix up the program by using supersets: compound/compound, compound/isolation; cranking out drop sets with the last exercise of the superset for a finish!
I still need to increase weight but find this slow with regards to shoulder training....
Please share any other ideas for good shoulder sculpting plans...I would love to try them!
A work in progress....

How's your training going? Is it time to mix up the program? Change your focus area? Update your goals?

Monday, November 7, 2011

FitnessX Magazine article

One of my goals is to write articles for a fitness magazine...
Check it 32...

Thank you to FitnessX Magazine for the opportunity!

Busy working on the next article, next goal to be a regular contributor and providing my own photos! Stay tuned....

Setting goals is key for continued progress and achieving one of those goals is certainly a motivational boost!
What goals have you set for yourself?   What did you do today to make progress towards achieving them?