Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sculpting Shoulders

A lot of opinions about how to train...movements, muscles, function, fat loss...Bottom line, consider your goals. I, personally enjoy "training like a bodybuilder," sculpting a inspiring physique while still considering a lifestyle that encourages fat loss so as to chisel off the layer that insulates.
My current mission is focused on shoulders, spending 2-3 days a week with workouts including the delts as either the primary or secondary focus.

My current shoulder workouts include:
Upright rows
Alternating lateral raise
Dumbbell Overhead press (or Arnold press)
Bent over lateral raise (single arm, I find it easier to put more mind-to-muscle that way)
Front raise with plate
Also may throw in an incline and leaning lateral raise and some rotations

I mix up the program by using supersets: compound/compound, compound/isolation; cranking out drop sets with the last exercise of the superset for a finish!
I still need to increase weight but find this slow with regards to shoulder training....
Please share any other ideas for good shoulder sculpting plans...I would love to try them!
A work in progress....

How's your training going? Is it time to mix up the program? Change your focus area? Update your goals?

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