Friday, January 6, 2012

Is the lack of time or lack of focus?

The biggest excuse I hear about people not getting regular exercise is that they don't have time.....Excuse me...I live in the real world right along with a full time job with a long commute, have 2 kids and I find the time...I make the time. Take a minute and really assess your productivity, how many hours are you wasting stalking people on FB or watching TV. Don't get me wrong I watch TV but never sitting on the couch. Tape it, DVR it do what you have to to watch it while you gets some cardio in . I don't remember the last time I grabbed the remote and sat down to watch anything unless the seat had peddles. Too tired? Hit the off switch, sign off the Internet and turn off the light, get to sleep earlier, drag your butt out of bed earlier and start the day with a sweat session, then no excuses as the day goes on, already got it done.
Short rant over....

Seriously, this is your life, your health and the health of your children we are talking about. Make exercise and healthy eating a priority, schedule an appointment with yourself before you overbook your days!   Take a look at how effectively you use your time. The effectiveness of multitasking is debatable....but try organizing your day making a 'priority list' and just get started! Look at the ultimate time eater...running errands...plan ahead and complete these geographically, save time and gas and maybe hit the gym if the days paths travel by... :)  

Don't know about you but the to-list haunts me...never completed and often overwhelming. Stop worrying about finishing it just get started, amazing how much better I feel after just checking off a few things, fueling the fire to continue on with a productive day. On the topic of to-do lists,  the daily workings of life and a household can often clog up the to-do list as they are a rolling daily requirement...laundry, meals planning and preparation, dishes, cleaning etc. Try leaving them off the list, stay with me....make them part of routine....laundry basket full? Toss the load in, don't wait for laundry day and waste a Saturday in the basement. Same with dishes, wash them or get them directly to the dishwasher after every meal, no one wants to look at a  sinkful of dishes when they get home from work.  Meals and dishes...spend a little extra time once to save time overall by preparing meals ahead. Pots dirty once, lunches prepacked and... ready for this one? You've already made healthier choices for the week, no more running out to buy something quick and greasy because you didn't have time to make lunch. Sounds like  a win, win, win to me.

Clutter....another clog to the household to-do list, always something where it doesn't belong, in the way of something else and before you know it...sloped corners in all the rooms and slanted horizontal surfaces everywhere you look. Overwhelming and stress inducing! Create a system....again a  little time investment initially but saves in the long run. Junk mail...recycle immediately! Do not start a pile, anywhere at anytime...they multiply! Stuff....everywhere...try this:everytime you make a pass across the room, take something with you, return it to it's proper place, the little bits along the way make for fewer overwhelming tasks eating up your weekends!

My lesson here.....KEEP UP, STOP WASTING TIME TRYING TO CATCH UP! Allowing things to get out of control lands you with overwhelming tasks that lead to stress and avoidance and tasks that are even more overwhelming. Same is true for starting tomorrow on your plans to be eat healthier and start exercising, the longer you wait, the more overwhelming it can be, slowly the pounds continue to creep up, the poor diet just feeds upon itself. Stop the cycle now! Dig in your heels, get started, make the time to get organized and get healthy and in the long run in more than one way you will have given yourself the gift of time!

We all have the same 24 hours to work with, this difference lies in how you use it!

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