Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hold your goals close to get closer to them

My Gym Gem
The honest truth? Making changes is hard, sticking with them even more challenging. So much of making new habits and continued forward progress towards your goals is seeded in your mind,  you have to live your goals and make decisions all day that may affect the path to your achieving that goal. The trick? Honestly, achieving goals depends on just plain hard work and dedication. The key is to set your mind to see daily challenges differently and conquer the little obstacles every day to continue forward progress. Some days are tougher than others whether you are distracted, frustrated or just too busy, but don't let those days set you off track. Carry your passions with you giving you that little reminder of the goals you have set for yourself to keep you on track. It really can be anything and only you have to understand it.... A trinket in your pocket, a charm on your bracelet, notes in various places you will see often throughout your day. The key to achieving long term goals is to stay on path and take little steps towards them every day. Hold your goals close to you and each day you will step closer to achieving them.
I wear a 45# plate around my neck to remind me of my fitness goals :). How will you keep your goals close? Are you getting closer to them?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Summer 98 Day Summer Transformation Challenge: "The Big Burn"

Day 1
Here we go! Day 1 of the 98 Day Summer Transformation Challenge. Meal plans are completed, goals are set, before photos and stats submitted! Accountability at it's best! Looking forward to hanging out with like minded people, incredible source of motivation and accountability. I certainly have the inner drive but everybody needs a little outside motivation sometimes to kick it up a notch and certainly makes it a hell of a lot more interesting! Hubby has officially joined the Challenge with me, hoping for a little friendly competition to stoke the fire a little more! Here's to a summer of scupltin'!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Transformation Time Again!

The Countdown is on! The "Big Burn" starts May 19, 2011!
The first transformation challenge I entered was a great experience providing an extra boost of motivation and I got great results. Continued to push and make great progress after completing the challenge but find the next challenge comes a the perfect time to provide a boost to a slightly staggering motivation. I have allowed stress to get to me the last few weeks and find myself giving into emotional and mindless eating habits!  Gotta get control and propel forward again!
This transformation challenge is 98 days, taking me through to the end of the summer and the big difference this time... I have a plan for AFTER the completion of the Challenge.  Following the last one, despite continuing on the same "routine" I slowly lost focus as I had not set enough specific longer term goals to keep me motivated and pushing with the drive I had during the Challenge. Do I need someone to offer me a trip to Maui as a motivation...not really, it's more about the personal life goals and having a plan and a direction. Though a free trip to the beach would certainly be welcomed.
I am entering this Challenge more as a starting point. Remember the grand prize in these body transformation challenges is about making a lifestyle change not winning a contest, the real prize is a stronger self, physically, mentally/emotionally. The most valuable part of this journey is that I have learned a tremendous amount about a tremendous amount of things in the last 6 months, most importantly I have learned a lot about myself and what I am capable of. I am looking forward to challenging my physical and mental self again!
Diving right in to the pre challenge preparations, gotta live it. Working on meal plans, training programs, getting into the Challenge mindset and regaining control over stress and mindless eating. My official start date will be May 22nd, posting before pictures, stats and goals. Completing my 98 day transformation on August 27th. August 28th.....advance to next phase and continue moving goals in place, goals to strive for AFTER the Challenge as Day 1 of 98 is only the beginning of a new path for me.... BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Food for thought, thought for food

Success in achieving my fitness goals lies in sticking with the nutrition plan, the regular workouts are ingrained in my schedule and I thoroughly enjoy them and give them my all! The nutrition however is a much bigger challenge for me. My tastes are limited and I am working hard to find ways to enjoy foods that I know will benefit me in my quest. An even bigger challenge, and I am certainly not alone in this one...emotional and mindless eating! How frustrating it can be to stick with the nutrition plan and then be plagued my a mindless eating binge....Conquering this challenge requires establishing a new relationship with food and finding a new means of dealing with stress, boredom or whatever else may be your trigger to reach into the cabinet about doing 20 push ups the next time you reach for an unplanned snack?
Next time you reach for something to eat, think about why you are eating....are you hungry, bored, stressed? Then think again....will eating it  help me reach my goals or make me more stressed because I am one more day away from living the healthier lifestyle I am striving to achieve?
How do you decide what it is you want to eat? Do you choose food because you body needs the fuel and the building blocks or you have you choosen foods that taste good or make you feel good least for the moment. If you choose a food because you enjoy its flavor do you eat it slowly enough and with enough awareness to actually enjoy its flavor or do you toss a handful in your mouth and simply add to your caloric surplus for the day? What about the foods that make you feel good? Does that feeling last longer than the time that flavor is in your mouth only to feel worse later? Ask 2 questions: is it worth it now and will I still think it was worth it later.
So much about changing your eating patterns is mental and emotional, true success in sticking with a healthy eating plan starts with a change in attitude and a better relationship with food. I'm not saying not to enjoy your food but at least take a moment and consider what you eat, and why, before you eat it....Take the time to enjoy the flavors in the foods that you choose and learn to enjoy some healthier choices (hey, if I can learn to enjoy oatmeal and egg whites...). And most importantly find a healthier outlet for stress, make life exciting to avoid eating out of boredom and always keep your eating mindful.
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