Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hold your goals close to get closer to them

My Gym Gem
The honest truth? Making changes is hard, sticking with them even more challenging. So much of making new habits and continued forward progress towards your goals is seeded in your mind,  you have to live your goals and make decisions all day that may affect the path to your achieving that goal. The trick? Honestly, achieving goals depends on just plain hard work and dedication. The key is to set your mind to see daily challenges differently and conquer the little obstacles every day to continue forward progress. Some days are tougher than others whether you are distracted, frustrated or just too busy, but don't let those days set you off track. Carry your passions with you giving you that little reminder of the goals you have set for yourself to keep you on track. It really can be anything and only you have to understand it.... A trinket in your pocket, a charm on your bracelet, notes in various places you will see often throughout your day. The key to achieving long term goals is to stay on path and take little steps towards them every day. Hold your goals close to you and each day you will step closer to achieving them.
I wear a 45# plate around my neck to remind me of my fitness goals :). How will you keep your goals close? Are you getting closer to them?

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