Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lifting heavy things

Started a new training program with the start of the 98 Day Challenge this summer. Hitting Tom Venuto's T.N.B. workout. Many of the exercises are similar to previous programs I have done but put together with a few variations and a variety of reps/set combos aiming at creating both strength and hypertrophy. Each workout's primary lifts are compound movements taking advantage of using large and multiple muscle groups to build muscle mass and stoke the metabolic furnace. Workouts are either focused on strength gains with lower reps and higher weights or slightly lighter weights with slightly higher rep ranges for hypertrophy, continuing to change up the program from workout to workout with these slight variations provides continued stimulus for muscle growth. The biggest difference for me is that I am lifting much heavier on strength days as I was stuck in a rut of higher rep schemes lately. I have been training with this program for about 5 weeks now and achieving steady strength gains.

Transformation Challenge update: 5 weeks in, 9 weeks to go...
Still training with the T.N.B. workout but considering mixing in some isolation work in a few weeks just to mix it up. Started calorie/carb cycling and posted some good stats for this week, gotta keep the momentum going. Scale weight only down a pound since the start of the challenge- perfect lesson on the importance of monitoring body composition not body weight. BF% down 1 1/4 %, gained a pound of LBM, those are the numbers I keep a closer eye on, they tell the true tale of success in body transformation...unless you're going for skinny fat  :). I'm working on fit, lean and sculpted!

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