Friday, August 19, 2011

Climbing mountains....

First day of my mini vacation and I'm up before the sun...getting in a workout and then headed up to the Adirondacks for a long weekend! Looking forward to getting away and enjoying the fresh mountain air, spend some time slowing down a bit, as we all know, living a fit and healthy lifestyle requires a lot of go, go, go! Hope to enjoy sleeping a bit later....'til 6 am?  :) As much as I miss my gym workouts, the body could probably use a break and honestly spending a long weekend in the mountains is the only way I will miss a workout...I've looked for a gym nearby, no real gym for miles. Certainly don't plan on getting lazy, sure I can find some heavy rock and logs to lift, mountains to climb and lakes to swim! We'll call it active rest. Lots of time with my boys, raiding the beloved 'game closet' full of the classic board games from my childhood, fishing, hiking, water skiing and splashing in the lake!
Some challenge presents with sticking tight to the clean eating meal plan, making good progress this week and certainly don't want to undo the hard work, blowing it by eating too many s'mores (luckily not my favorite but have been guilty of sneaking a few chocolate squares from the supplies, only dark chocolate of course) Packing up a lot of my regular menu items, extras to share, hoping to show others how good some of "my food" can be. Just have to be strong in resisting the 'vacation' snacks. Vacation is a required component of a healthy lifestyle (mental health!) but the nutrition and activity plan need not be treated as a vacation.  Re-entry to the real world mid week and then it's time to submit final pictures and stats for the completion of the Summer Transformation Challenge!

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