Friday, July 27, 2012

Rendezvous with my Gymboss

 Struggling lately getting up and going before 5 am, been doing it for years but it really gets old sometimes. I usually train at the gym on Thursday morning before heading to work but just didn't wanna rush around this morning so I saved myself the commute to the gym and headed to the back yard with my Gymboss (and my husband, greeted as soon as he came down with 'we're doing legs and HIIT today'). Would have been easy to skip the workout all together but as I always tell myself...the only workout you ever regret is the one you didn't do. This certainly held true today....
Started with walking lunges 2 sets 50 each, alternating with superset of TRX leg curls and bridging hip abduction. Then squats and side shuffles in a squat position 2 sets 50 each. And then the hard work....
Pick up a GymBoss interval timer
Gymboss set for 20 sec/10 sec for 8 rounds
Here's some ideas for some cardio intervals. Pick a few and shuffle 'em up...
Jump squats
Plyo jacks
Jump forward to lunge
Skater lunges
Mountain climbers
Be creative and keep it interesting! The best way to get a good workout is to create one that inspires you!


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