Saturday, October 2, 2010

Excuses, excuses....

Everybody who isn't living the healthy lifestyle and getting to the gym is pretty good at presenting excuses. Very few are valid in my opinion, it becomes more an issue of priority and commitment. If you want it you will find a way to do it. Please do not see these words as judgement but rather motivation to look critically at your reasons for not reaching your goals of living a healthy lifestyle. Do your excuses fit in here?
  • Don't have time: I just don't accept that one from anybody...I work 50+ hours per week, have a husband and 2 young boys at home and still find time to get to the gym 4 days per week and work out at home another 2! Key issue I make it priority and make the time. Be many hours do you waste watching TV every day? I only watch when doing cardio! Turn of the TV an hour earlier, get up early and watch the DVR while you start your day with a good sweat session...before long you will start to enjoy it. Plan ahead and organize your day to avoid wasting time trying to figure out what you should do next.
  • Then there is the money issue...ok...I acknowledge everyone's concern about the cost of a gym membership but lets take a look at the Starbucks coffee on the way to work or the eating on the run...(again plan ahead...make coffee at home and pack a lunch) add that up over the month and I guarantee you have a gym membership paid for (and most likely a decent caloric deficit). Or put that money into a fund to grow a home gym to include a few dumbbells, bench, stability ball, etc. this then assists with the time problem as well as a home gym is open 24 hours and no wasted time driving to the gym!
  • Chronic pain....first let me say check with doc to be sure you will do no further harm! In the case of chronic pain you must make the decision to not let it rule your life and choose to continue living. Added body weight and being deconditioned will certainly not help the issue. Try moving more and start a program within your tolerance, you may be surprised with a reduction of pain! Consider this, make positive changes to take control of health where you can even if you can't change the pain, tip the balance in your favor for a healthy life style and reduce your chances of adding other health related problems to the list.
  • Don't know what to do: certainly heading to the gym can be intimidating but there are a million resources easily accessible to get you started or spend a few dollars that you save by skipping Starbucks and set up a few appointments with a personal trainer. Pick up a book or check the Internet...tons of videos (be careful of the source). Find a friend interested in getting started with an exercise program.
  • Now be honest about this "don't want to." If you really take a look at things is this not the real reason for you not starting or staying on an exercise program? If that is your choice then accept it but don't complain about pants not fitting right, the scale not moving or being out of breath trying to keep up with the kids. Don't be angry with skinny people as they have worked hard to stay healthy. Staying fit is hard work! My advice- make the decision to get into shape once and then stay that way!
Now have an honest discussion with yourself...what are your health and fitness goals? Are you really prioritizing your life challenges to make the best you you can be? Life happens but consider have the power to make the decision to live it the healthiest way possible and give your body the best defenses to what comes your way and not add health issues related to being overweight or unhealthy eating to your life challenges. Decide today to make the commitment to make one healthier choice each day.
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