Saturday, January 15, 2011

49 Day Body Transformation Challenge Complete!

Proud to say I have successfully completed the 49 Day Body Transformation Challenge, final pictures, stats and essay have been submitted. I am incredibly pleased with the physical changes I have witnessed over the last 49 days! I am stronger physically and mentally and pleased to announce I have conquered emotional eating and mindless snacking! At the start of the Challenge, I quit cold turkey with all sweets and snack foods, incredible test of will but I made it and what a difference! Energy levels higher and stabilized and the transformation began! I soon saw abs I have never seen. I must admit even I was amazed by the difference when viewing my after photos. I lost more than 7 pounds and almost 4% body fat and all that without the benefits of "newbie gains," the changes witnessed in other challengers new to weight training was impressive!  It was incredible to read the journals of other challengers, watching their transformations. As part of the final essay Tom Venuto posed the question of why you deserved to win and most challengers responded with comments about what they had already won in a better life and better health, few actually stating their case for winning the trip to Maui! A great group of people with incredible drive to better themselves while reaching out to support others.

What is most incredible is the difference in mindset and general outlook on life. I look at everything in a much more positive light and face challenges with a greater desire to conquer them rather than turn to the easy path.  Meeting the goals that I set for myself has been empowering, already achieving a physique I never imagined I could achieve.  I continue to push forward towards new goals with renewed motivation and enthusiasm. This was certainly not just a body transformation, as success in a transformation to a healthy lifestyle and resulting healthier physique requires a change in mindset and attitude towards food and exercise. I have a much healthier relationship with food, realizing the difference between physical and emotional hunger and eating what my body needs for fuel.  Being fit and eating healthy are not simply something I do but are part of my identity.

I am regular people, a mom, wife and work a full time job. I didn't let the excuses win, I chose to conquer the challenges and make a positive change and what a change! Don't put exercise on your to-do list as we all know that list is always long and growing, you must make your commitment to your health part of your day, be honest and look at the list, others things can wait until tomorrow. Believe me, I understand it is hard to find time and energy to make changes as they can be very intimidating but I can tell you first hand I am so much better for having pushed a little outside the comfort zone.

I share this transformation in the hopes to inspire you to make it a mission to improve your health. Sit down today and make a plan, set your goals and work towards achieving them...everyday. It takes consistent effort but remember those bad habits took time to become habits just as the new healthy habits will also take time. But the payoff....I can't explain it, you have to experience it! I came out of this challenge with a renewed motivation and a more positive outlook on life in general. I find myself drafting new goals from what used to be lofty dreams. Sure I am thrilled with my new physique but I have gained so much more than a 6 pack during this experience. Today is your Day 1, set your goals, commit to make healthy changes in your diet and exercise program and promise yourself to give it your all for 49 days! As for me, I'm setting new goals and looking forward to the Summer Challenge, maybe you'd like to join me?

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