Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Campaign to save the skinny fat...

Quotes heard in an Upstate NY gym: "I forced myself to do an hour and a half of cardio yesterday." "I'm dragging on this 1200 calorie diet." Please let me help you! These methods will only frustrate you, make you cranky and result in you being skinny fat...if you can stick with it long enough....regardless, a recipe for disaster. True if you can keep moving on 1200 calories and do more cardio the scale may drop but at what cost? Most likely loss of lean body mass (muscle), this is exactly what you want to preserve when trying to lose weight. Muscle is a metabolically active tissue, burning calories even while you are at rest. Why would you want to sacrifice this just to see a lower number on the scale? Also consider how much more aesthetically pleasing sculpted muscles are after losing the insulating layers of fat disguising them....can't firm up fat. By adding resistance training to you program you firm and sculpt more of the very tissue that will raise your metabolism to only further contribute to your weight (fat) loss success.
So, let's try another approach...lets try to focus on eating more nutrient dense foods and eat them more often to keep the metabolism humming and provide your body with the building blocks for muscle growth as you begin a resistance training program. Sounds like a win-win situation to me....a more interesting workout program including options from an endless list of possible strength training exercises, eating more all while building figure sculpting muscles and moving towards a healthier,  leaner and more efficient fat burning machine!
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