Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cardio boost

We all can probably agree, when stuck inside doing cardio for the winter months it can get a little boring. Need to switch up the mode frequently for the interests of continued progress and not going insane and starting to avoid cardio just for the pure boredom factor.
I have found the solution to my getting a killer cardio workout without having to force it mentally the whole time. Using a variety of  Motiontraxx episodes, I have multiple options for upbeat music mixes guaranteed to kick your cardio up a notch without you even realizing what happened. Motiontraxx has been releasing some new mixes in recent weeks that I have found top all the other mixes I have tried. Some are available on iTunes and some are exclusive mixes with new sponsors. Motiontraxx can be found on iTunes, or at their own website, and try 'liking' it on Facebook for updates on new episodes.
Apple iPod nano 8 GB Graphite (6th Generation) NEWEST MODELGot another killer cardio workout this morning using one of their new mixes "Precision Beats" sponsored by Polar Heart Rate Monitors, an interval mix for some HIIT without having to watch a timer as the music beats change and cue you to switch up the pace at the intervals. Believe me, just let the beat of the music guide you and you'll get a killer workout.  My other fave is the Push It Traxx that was sponsored by Powerbar, steady state cardio but easy to get lost in the beat and power through a great cardio workout!
Be sure to check out Motiontraxx and break out of your cardio rut!

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