Saturday, March 19, 2011

Reality Check (-In)

Time to be honest...we are well past the New Year's Resolution make it or break point. Probably approaching time for the need for "tank top arms" and the ever popular drive to "bikini season." I personally stick with a less seasonal approach to being fit and healthy! Where do you stand? Do remember the goals you set for yourself?  How are you progressing towards your goals? Are you any closer to meeting them or have you achieved them and it's time to set new goals?

Take assessment of your plan and your progress: (time to be honest with yourself)

  • Did you set S.M.A.R.T. goals?
  • Do you remember your goals/did you write them down to make yourself accountable?
  • Which of your goals have you achieved? Have you set new goals?
  • And most importantly~how badly do you want to reach these goals and have you put in your best effort to move towards achieving them?
  • Did you keep a food journal to keep yourself accountable? Are you making healthier food choices?
  • Have you reassessed portion sizes? Are you suffering from a bit of 'portion distortion?'
  • How are your energy levels?
  • Have you gained/maintained control over stress/emotional eating? Hard to do but face it using food to deal with stress only adds to the stress by contributing to you not meeting your health goals.
Workouts/exercise/activity level:
  • Do you have a gym membership/home gym or exercise area?
  • Do you actually go to the gym?  :)
  • Do you push yourself during your workout? They should be hard and make you feel like you did something. (you need to walk faster on the Treadmill than you walked getting over to it, and yes, the weight should feel heavy when you lift it!)
  • Is it time to set up a new program for the gym to shock those muscles and break through a plateau?

OK, full disclosure, I am writing this post because I felt I needed to take inventory....kinda felt like I was losing focus and allowing little leaks and falling into old habits. I am human, faced by the same challenges and temptations as everyone else. But I have worked too hard to make the improvements I have so far and will not let myself fall off track!

So, how did you do?
Are your headed in the right direction?
How bad do you really want it? Are you willing to buckle down, deal with the rough spots and give things a little more attention?
Did you figure out a few items you can work on to further your success in getting closer to your goals? Tackle the issues with a little renewed motivation! Consider a less seasonal approach to healthy and fit and make the lifestyle change.

Have you reached your goals? Congratulations! Celebrate a little with a happy dance, set some new goals and keep on going!

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