Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2 weeks down, 12 weeks to go!

2 weeks into the Summer Transformation Challenge, "The Big Burn."
Progress stats so far...down 2 pounds, lost 1/2% BF. Frustrated with the slow start compared to the much more significant drop in the initial weeks of my first challenge. The difference this time is I never really stopped 'challenging,' but became more 'relaxed with nutrition and training since the end of the lst challenge, therefore really only stepping up the intensity vs being a complete newbie to the plan.  Slow progress forces honest and critical inspection of the current compliance to the plan as well as consideration of changing the plan. The verdict: tighten up a little, as compliance overall has been quite good (ok, so I had a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream (it was light)). Have to live a little but if I really want it......But I think the nutrition plan warrants another look. I have been lifting heavier at the gym and increasing weights each workout finding a good working weight with the new program. Possibly need to consider adding in some food cycling to 'feed the muscle' a little more since I have been focusing on tightening up the compliance to maintain a deficit in an attempt to 'burn the fat' I gained with the muscle gains over the last few months.  Hopefully a few changes to the plan will boost the progress along...
Time to reassess and adjust. Heading into week 3 with a new mission.

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