Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Are you the trailblazer or are you happy trailing?

We all have our roles in life and they may vary from time to time. For the most part though we tend be leaders or followers. It is becoming more and more clear that I am the trailblazer in the small circle in which I currently travel. Flattering that others find my trail worthy of following, yes, but I have to admit that somedays even I would  enjoy someone taking over with reading the trail map so I can enjoy the scenery.
I blaze my own trail as I have so much passion for some of the things I have I in the works right now, I continue to train hard at the gym, reading tons and continually seeking new knowledge to enable me to strengthen my results in continuing to transform my physique. This physical transformation has definately transformed my life as well as this is what has lead me to becoming a trailblazer again. The journey of physical transformation is so much more than that....as you tranform your body you realize how strong you really are, and it has nothingto do with how much weight you can push, pull or lift. Completely transforming yourrself is empowering, giving you a boost to start blazing new trails.
These new trails are sometimes scary and intimidating yet exhilarating at the same time. Some areas of the trail can provide a challenge I, momentarily, feel I am not ready for...but I continue on. When I need a boost I look next to me and behind me and find inspiration in those that follow in my path, working to better themselves and blaze their own trails in their own worlds.
So, are you a trailblazer or are you content following the lead of others? As a trailblazer be sure to stay close to those that are following your lead. Both the trailblazers and the "followers" only benefit. I encourage the "followers" to grab the compass sometime and blaze a trail of their own, draw your own map! I assure you it will be an adventure! So, are you going to blaze your own trail? What is your next adventure and who are you sharing it with?

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