Friday, August 6, 2010

Home Gym

The benefits of a home gym space are many....
Your home gym is open 365 days a year/24 hours a day, you can fit in small workout when time allows, no excuse for bad weather/long commute to the gym....
So let's get a home started and quit making excuses! A home gym can be modified depending upon space and financial limitations. Start with a few simple inexpensive items and grow as your commitment and strength grow....
To get you started:
  • Elastic bands or tubing- so much versatility in the ability to perform exercises for every muscle, portable and inexpensive
  • Stability/therapy ball-again versatile and inexpensive (look around and don't pay more than $10), can be substituted for a weight bench for many exercises to add dynamic stabilty training to your program.  Also a great tool for creating an abs program. Use it as a desk chair for more core activity ("active sitting") and improve postural stabilty.
  • Dumb bells- again a versatile piece of equipment to add resistance to your training, cost can vary...small dumbbells to get started a few dollars but may be worth considering a larger investment initially to get a set of adjustable dumbbells (I like the Bowflex pair I purchase a few years ago but there are quite a few options out there), saves money long term and saves space, growing with you so you don't have to buy new weights with your increasing strength.
  • Good pair of sneakers- spend the time and a few bucks to invest in a good pair of sneakers!
  • A few extra items for variety....dynadiscs/stabilty discs, medicine balls
Start simple and don't let yourself get overwhelmed...your home gym and your exercise program will grow with you! Just be sure to start somewhere! Start with a positive attitude and remember consistancy is key so make it enjoyable and adopt exercise as part of the daily routine!
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