Saturday, April 2, 2011

Body Weight Training for Moms

Everywhere you look these days, bodyweight training! I've got a new twist on the program!
As Moms (and Dads) we always have some extra body weight laying around...check near the fridge when the doors are open, on the couch Saturday mornings or follow the mud tracks from the front door in the spring....
The benefits of using these "dumbbells" are plenty...
  • you already are paying for them (LONG term installment plan)
  • they provide progressive resistance (as long as you keep feeding them)
  • they incorporate dynamic stabilization into every exercise
  • they provide live entertainment throughout the workout
Bench Press

Push ups

Crunches and Smiles

   Go chase down your dumbbells and enjoy a body weight workout!    


  1. Beautiful pictures! I don't have this kind of 'dumbbells' yet ; this seems a very challenging workout!

  2. Thank you Elise! Even better was the audio track of the photo much laughter!