Sunday, April 24, 2011

Signs of Spring

Spring has finally arrived and none too soon! Desperately in need of some sun and fresh air!
Mornings are still cool so I head to the gym for my regularly scheduled workout to find the latest influx of new members clogging up the gym. Panic mode seems to hav set in with bringing out the short sleeve shirts, knowing that tanktops will follow and then bikini season! Ok, folks whatever your motivation to get excercising, great to see you here and making a positive change in life but maybe this time we can make it stick and quit with the seasonal fitness plan. Do you realy enjoy the battle every year? With a little dedication, I'm sure you could stick with it even when the sweaters come back out.  
Well, I am proud to say no panic here as I have been working hard all winter, so I will be shopping for smaller clothes not feeling the sqeeze of a tight waistband of my shorts...
But speaking of shorts....oh..the pasty white of spring can be blinding, I'm right with you there.....And spring seems to come just at the right time for a wardrobe change for the kids..seem to be seeing a bit more of their ankles under the hem of their pants these days, hate to spend the money on long pants now only to become capris again by fall...boys can't seem to carry off this look...Time to hem the pants into shorts and welcome spring!
Get outside, take a walk, enjoy the blooming flowers, the smell of BBQ and and the birds chirping...
BTW, the start of the Summer Transformation Challenge just around the corner....let's see what I can do in 98 days....

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