Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Setting goals (and acheiving them)!

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Setting goals is so important in the quest to make changes in any aspect of your life. Without goals we lose direction and often take the attitude of "doing it tomorrow." Goals also keep us honest...did you achieve a goal or not? Goals should be something you can measure and be sure to make yourself accountable to the goals you set- write them down, tell others and set a date to attain them by. Health and fitness goals may include a variety of measurable, objective components: body composition/body fat percentage, weight (not your best option if just starting with a resistance program as the scale my not change as quickly), inches lost, adherence to workout program (days per week), minutes of cardio, sets/reps/weights increase and the ever popular (and a good one!)"how your clothes fit." Pick something that works for you and set goals both short and long term!

I personally reached a goal this week with regards to body composition, I admit, enjoyed a grin to myself and then...set the next goal to lose another 2% bodyfat. Reaching a goal renews my motivation to adhere to my program. Enjoy the moment of attaining a goal and celebrate (not with a Big Mac and a large fry!) but then it is not the time to sit back and consider it done but then time to set another goal and keep the momentum going. Look back where you came from (keep a journal/photos of your progress) and congratulate yourself on all the positive changes, hard work and sacrifices you made to get here and remind yourself why you are doing it! Look forward to where you want to be, set new goals and stay on track! Place small reminders of your goals in visible places to help keep you on track all day.

Start right now set a goal and make yourself accountable, write it down, make it real and get after it!
I'll get you started....I shared my goal, post your health and fitness goals here now! Share you goals and surround yourself with like minded people and you'll be surprised by the boost of motivation and little daily reminders to stay on track. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

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