Monday, November 1, 2010

New You Resolution

Let's try something different....instead of deciding to set another New Year's Resolution this year get started today and we'll call it a New You Resolution. Think about it...and be honest... how many years have you set a resolution and actually stuck with it? New Year's resolutions are a recipe for disaster in a lot of cases. We spend months before building up to the big day, usually spending more time living it up in anticipation of the fear of losing the freedom to eat what we want and dreading starting at the gym....that adds up to even more holiday pounds and harder habits to break.  Then...the big day arrives and wow have you got a lot to face! And since it only comes once a year if you mess up that deal with yourself it is a big drop off the side of that wagon!
Let's mix it up and start now, don't wait for New Year's, with a plan to make little resolutions each day to get headed to achieving that new you. See desserts at holiday gatherings as your cheat meal for the week not an excuse for complete overindulgence for the next 2 months, deal with a food hangover and then you try to go cold turkey on January 1st.
Join a gym now instead of trying to get started with the rush of other  newbies that have set a New Year's resolution. Just watch the gym, for the 1st 3 weeks of the year it will be packed, after that all that remain are the regulars that were there on December 31st because they made a resolution to change a lifestyle. I'll be there, how about you?
 The bottom line....start now making healthy changes you can LIVE with (not stick with for a few weeks) because you desire a healthier life! Who's with me? Let's get started now!

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