Friday, December 24, 2010

Progress update- End of Week 4

Hard to believe, past the half way point of the Transformation Challenge already! Pleased with Week 4 Stats with all numbers going in the right direction. Would like to see more gains in LBM but at least I have gained the last 2 weeks and still losing fat! Scale weight down one pound but body fat % down to 17.47%. My Challenge goals are definitely within reach!
 Looking forward to the Holiday festivities but present a definite challenge of will to not eat all the sweets. I actually received 3 boxes of chocolates and gifts earlier this week and did not eat 1! I did open the box for a whiff (smelled gooood!) but no harm in a little olfactory indulgence! Real test as I have all sorts of fun baking, candy making and gingerbread house constructing projects planned with the boys! Looking forward to being Mom for the Holidays but need to keep my fingers out of the frosting!  :)
Happy Holidays!

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