Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Progress Update-End of Week 1

Just completed Week 1 of the 49 Day Transformation Challenge. The Challenge came at a great time to get me back on track! I had gotten a little careless with sweet snacks with Halloween and my birthday.  I did really well this week...complete sugar detox and feeling good! The cravings for sweets now is minimal after fighting for the 1st few days but now feeling much better with improved energy levels and no more crashing. The other challenge was trying to be more aware of actual hunger versus habit with what/when I am eating. Keeping a journal was a great tool to keep myself accountable! (You'll think twice about eating it if you have to admit to yourself later that you ate it.)

Official Challenge check-in: 2 pounds down but unfortunately lost more lean body mass than I had hoped, no change in Body fat %.
Goals for week 2: increase intake of lean protein and re-assess macronutrients in general to hopefully maintain more LBM this week.
Overall feeling really good, motivated and ready to tackle another week. Will update end of week 2.

How are you doing with your New You Resolution? It is hard work and a constant struggle to stay on track, some days more than others...but remember the long term goal of living a healthier lifestyle! It does get easier! Stick with it!

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