Saturday, April 3, 2010

Finding motivation and a note on accountabilty...

Ultimately we need to find the motivation in ourselves to make changes but also necessary are the people or things we encounter in daily life that remind us and drive us to stay on track...My biggest motivation of recent weeks has been my husband. Last summer I 'nudged' him to begin an exercise program and shared what I had learned in my quest to make changes over the last few years. He now enjoys the exercise and has made great dietary changes. Initially he endured frustration with lack of pounds lost but watched inches come off....Now I watch him as he works in the yard and each day realize more and more how much his hard work has paid off. He keeps me on track with a friendly (unspoken) competition to become more 'buff', after all my years of working out I can't let him get past me! He keeps me accountable as we now work on this lifestyle change together.
My own frustrations with the 'stuck scale' started a body fat measurement means of accountability, (also found a few photos told a tale) I only wish I started long ago to see how far I have really traveled since the journey beginning several years ago. I needed a new burst of motivation and sometimes need to sharpen the details of the challenge.
Staying accountable and being honest with yourself is critical to making effective and lasting changes. Set goals and find an objective means of documenting changes, keeping you accountable and to help you stick to the plan. No one else in your world can do it for you, be honest with yourself but find support (and a little friendly competition) in others.

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