Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fueling the body for success...

"Eat to live, not live to eat." Wise advice. As we travel through each day our bodies require fuel, food should fill this role. Food is used for so many other things that end up with long term consequences- emotional eating, including under stress or as a reward; eating treats/sweets for the sugar rush ..and subsequent crash...more food...weight gain....setting off a cycle that lasts all day...sometimes a lifetime...
The information is out there...research supporting the ill effects of a poor diet and look around attention the contents of people's carts at the grocery store and compare to their physique. Read it, see it, understand and believe it; find in it the motivation to make a positive change today.
Some good basic information about proper fueling of the body comes from any of Tosca Reno's Eat Clean Diet books. When you are really ready to accept/admit that it is really all up to you to make all the necessary changes to achieve a healthly attitude and make healthy lifestyle changes read Tom Venuto's book- The Body Fat Soultion. Great information about the reality of fat loss and it is more the attitude and accountability that makes or breaks the plan. A great book to force you to be critical of your self and find the kick in the butt you needed to make the attitude change....that is really what is all goes back to.
Exercise is not a chore to me, it is a priority. I work out regularly and truly enjoy it. Diet, however...a challenge...Over the last several years I have been working on the diet...a picky eater all my life, much was lacking ...Gradually our household changed to eating all 100% whole grain products. Have added vitamins and minerals as supplements (great resource: The Real Vitamin and Mineral Book)and finding ways to enjoy the things I avoided and then gradually clean up those items as well. Never liked yogurt and my diet significantly lacking in the fruit and veggie department had lead me to experimenting with homemade smoothies. We can not avoid food but must work daily to achieve/maintain a healthy relationship with it.
Bottom line about's hard and you have to want it bad enough to go for it and live it.

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