Saturday, April 17, 2010

Please help yourself...

Bottom line...we all have to choose to make changes and educate ourselves to get on and stay on the path to fitness/wellness. The hard part is getting into shape...let's only do it once. On the quest, develop a lifestyle that will keep you in shape.

Find motivation to stay on track and bring your halthy lifestyle goals to the front of your mind. It is critical to have frequent reminders throughout the day to help stick to the plan when making decisions about snacking and push myself to go the extra mile with the workout. I subscribe to Oxygen Magazine and gain a freshened motivation each month when it arrives in the mail. I also have subscibed to The FitCast podcast which is very entertaining, motivating and informational, I listen to the podcast on my commute. All this keeps me thinking in the "fit mindset."

These are working for me, find something that works for you!

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